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Offering a range of services including Mediation, Organizational Consulting, Coaching, and Facilitation. Owned and operated by Adrienne Sass.



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Is your organization looking to make a transition? Are you considering a change to existing policies, procedures and processes? Are you looking to examine employee engagement and satisfaction? Are you considering implementing an Ombudsman Program? Do you have a need for Facilitation Services? If you answered "yes" to any of these, we should talk!

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Sass Consulting & Mediation offers a wide variety of Mediation Services including Workplace and Employment Mediation, Elder and Adult Family Mediation, Business Mediation and Estate Mediation.

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Coaching and Facilitation

In addition to Alternative Dispute and Conflict Resolution, Sass Consulting & Mediation also offer Conflict Coaching, Meeting and Project Facilitation and Training Programs.

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Adrienne is a trained Mediator and experienced Consultant with over 16 years experience and a background in Business Management, Organizational Development, and Conflict Resolution. Adrienne completed her undergraduate coursework in Business at Emmanuel college in Boston, MA. The work of Alternative Dispute Resolution is something that has always called to her and she continued her Education receiving Mediation and Conflict Resolution Training for both her Certificate and Masters Degree in Mediation and Conflict Resolution Studies from The Woodbury Institute. In addition to being a Mediator and Consultant, Adrienne is a Parent Coordinator for the Vermont State Judiciary.


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Based in The Upper Valley of Vermont and New Hampshire while serving clients Nation Wide